We are a global strategy, education, and management partner resolving your greatest struggles between marketing, sales,  technology and the intersections within.  We create responsive organizations, by taking 
a human-centered approach to personalized engagement, integration, innovation and automation for accelerated growth.





There has been a significant transformation in connecting with customers. You deserve to be ready to engage, delight, and grow with them. At CodeBlack, we help you create experiences that excite people to explore, transact, and share. We bring a long term view for significant, sustainable growth.

Our team of senior advisors, marketing technologists, financial analysts, engineers and creatives brings a multidisciplinary approach to your most pressing challenges. We’ll map the right strategy, structure, people and processes together with your unique value and voice. Missing one piece risks disappointment. Missing more risks failure.

Bring us your problems - big and small.We’ll deliver real, sustainable solutions.






Our success is inextricably mixed with the ongoing success and happiness of our clients. At CodeBlack, we partner as an extension of your internal team, bringing expertise with proven results, radical transparency, heart and wit tied together with social goodness and good, cheeky fun.


We are the only strategy agency to allocate a Senior Financial Analyst to each project conducting extensive research on trends, optimal budget allocation and scale to ensure your greatest return. Your bottom line is serious business. We regularly evaluate and report on your CodeBlack investment, showing the returns we have - or haven’t - delivered, to ensure we continue to move forward with distinction.

Our transparency speaks through embeddable team leaders, opt-in SMS project updates, your success roadmap, weekly progress reviews and our monthly marketing monitor. You’ll never be without clear, real time, actionable insights on what's working, why, and exactly how to make it better.

We offer unrivaled learning opportunities and resources to our experts, which in turn come full circle to your team through training, coaching and empowerment. We don’t just grow your organization, we strengthen your team to take on tomorrow’s challenges.



At CodeBlack, we believe in the power of a personal touch. What it means to be human, to connect.
In our relentless pursuit to create possibilities and leave the world a little kinder, we know there is no better place to start than with the dexterity of our own two hands. This shared value unifies the CodeBlack team. Each team member dedicates a full week each year to social justice initiatives around the globe and right here in the heart of NYC.
As a company, CodeBlack is committed to reinvesting 10% of all profits to empower the lives and minds of our future. Contributions will help fund research, as well as programs in nutritional development and education. We are so proud to work with our clients, and prouder still of the better world they help us re-imagine and foster. Together, this is possible.
From the bottom of my heart, thank you for joining us in this journey.



If you want to learn more about CodeBlack’s social justice initiatives, or to learn how you can get involved with any of our programs, email us at partners@codeblacknyc.com. You can also follow the impact of your support on our blog (with cameos on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook).

Success is more than a P&L statement in our accounting. CodeBlack closes each year with a full report on our social partnerships and contributions to reflect real value and impact.


In addition to our partnership programs, CodeBlack selects two nonprofits each year to whom we lend our business advisory team. We help foundations and associations—big and small—gain awareness around their causes, and help connect them with the right donors and the right sponsors. To learn more on how to apply, visit our Nonprofit Advisory and Training page here.



CodeBlack drives growth at any scale.

The market landscape has changed. No longer can companies conduct business as they once did, as the expectations of their customers have outgrown the old guard. Customers expect more. Modern consumers seek genuine experiences, connections and trust, and to meet this, businesses must be agile, relevant, and resilient enough to oblige. Some companies don’t know where to start, others, where to focus. As the power to decide now rests at the customer’s fingertips, even the greatest organization can struggle to adapt. 

At CodeBlack, we believe in the power of a personal touch. After a decade in the industry—advising Fortune 500 companies, emerging startups, luxury brands and insurgent organizations to new success—we created CodeBlack to simplify and lead you through the transformation. It's not what you're used to, but it's proving to be better.  By aligning personalized marketing, sales, enterprise architecture, change management and training we equip you to reach new heights of customer engagement, satisfaction and growth, creating unparalleled sustainable value. 

Today, top performance does not go to the biggest budget, it goes hand-in-hand with the businesses that take action to do the work what matters. At CodeBlack our mission is to bring our clients where they want to go, while making them indispensable.