What is Sales and Marketing Alignment? Statistically, 50 percent of sales staff miss their quotas. Too often, according to sales reps, it’s due to the quality and volume of leads from marketing.

Be it the quality, quantity, or both aligning sales and marketing teams is vital to any business’s growth. At CodeBlack, we tackle Sales and Marketing Alignment with a customer and culture centered approach, resolving the toughest lead generation, nurture and conversion hurdles for the benefit of all.

We’ve found that organizations with strong alignment between sales and marketing teams achieve 20% revenue growth annually, on average. In contrast, HubSpot reports poor alignment leads to revenue declines an average of 4% annually.

What to Expect? With our Sales and Marketing Alignment Workshop, your organization will learn how to unite marketing, sales and customer experience across all channels and engagements to achieve sustainable growth, credibility, and distinction.

Our Sales and Marketing Alignment Workshop includes training your teams to:

1.  Properly Define your Ideal Buyer Personas and Sales Funnel Stages

2.  Implement a Successful Marketing and Sales Team Agreement and Workflow

3. Increase the Number of High Quality Leads to Sales

4. Nurture Prospects That Aren't Yet Ready to Buy

5. Implement Actionable and Visible Closed-Loop Reporting

6. Measure Marketing Campaigns Successfully (What metrics really matter?)

If you want to create a nimble organization, truly prepared to be adaptive and responsive to customers, competition, technology, and internal complexities,  fill out the form to the right. The more detail you provide, the better we can respond to your unique needs.


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