NPO Strategy, Planning and Training 

From small foundations to national associations, we understand that to grow support for your cause, so too must you scale your organization. We also know this often leaves your marketing teams short staffed. Too frequently it’s this dilemma that leaves great causes under supported. 

Our Non-Profit Initiative ensures you won’t have to make this trade off. Each year, CodeBlack selects two not-for-profits, and sends in our business advisory team to support you in reaching your donor and sponsor acquisition goals, at no cost.

Through our Nonprofit Advisory and Training program we will partner to provide support in the following areas:

1. Integrated Marketing Planning                                 

2. Marketing and CRM System Setup and Customization

3. Digital Campaigns                                                       

4. Event Acquisition Strategy                                        

5. Team Training and Best Practice Guide    

If you qualify and would like to apply to be a candidate, simply submit the form to your right. We will review your application and if accepted, will contact you to begin the interview process within 5 business days.            




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