The Emergence of
the Marketing technologist

One in 4 marketers today say their job is 50% technology based, 70% of companies said they plan to invest in a Chief Marketing Technologist in the near future. 

The Voice of Customer is considered by many the crucial battleground where companies will live or die by their ability to differentiate themselves to attract and retain loyal customers. Tuning into, and positively influencing, the Voice of Customer involves measuring and analyzing customer sentiment, and then using the power of prediction to proactively prioritize those investments with the greatest impact on customer satisfaction. 

This is why the most successful companies have turned to a new breed of CMO meets CIO - Chief Marketing Technologists. Harvard Business Review has called out Marketing Technologists to be part strategist, part creative director, part technology leader, and part teacher. 

But what exactly does that mean? You will learn in this eBook about these unicorns of rising stars, as well as: 

1. How To Successfully Measure Your Customer Voice 

2. The Marketing Technology Road Ahead and How to Adapt Your Business

3. Where to Find and How to Identify The Best Marketing Technologists

4. Your Next Steps

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